Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mom You're A......

Today Gideon was hiding from me in the corner of the couch and wall. I decided to play along and hide from him so I laid on the couch so he couldn't see me. The next thing I knew children were piling on. Gideon joined in on the fun and climbed on my back. This interaction then took place.

Bria, "Mom you're a Butt"

Pierce, "Mom Bria just called you a Butt." said as he is laughing his head off.

Time for some narration here. We DON'T use the word Butt in our home. I was raised that it was a bad word and though I know it really isn't that bad I just can't bring myself to say it nor do I allow my children to say it either. Now on to the rest of the story.

Mom, "You just called me what?"

Pierce, "A Butt" still laughing.

It dawns on me that Bria is pretending.

Mom."Oh, you mean a boat?" like in Finding Nemo.

Pierce, "No, a Butt"

Mom, "Wait, a Bus."

Bria climbs down and comes over to my head and I say. "So I'm a Butt?"

Bria, "No....... A different kind of Butt."

So there you have it. I have been officially called a Butt by my children! She didn't really mean a Butt but a BUS. Bria can't say the sound "S". :)

Sorry mom and dad. I'll clean up her language later. I just can't get that "S" or "R" sound out of Bria's mouth quite yet.

Singing Wheels on the Butt

Bria and Hyrum on the bus.

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  1. I am a reader of the Greens blog and found you there. You have a beautiful family. I also grew up not saying the word butt. I've never really heard of anyone else that doesn't say it. Even to this day I just can't say it, and my kids too. ;) I love finding blogs of those who have adopted, you are such an inspiration. Thanks for letting me be a blog follower.