Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Been a While

To all those of you following our adoption journey, I'm sorry for not keeping you updated.  We did have our Article 5 delivered.  Now we are waiting on the Travel Approval.  Our sincere hope is that we receive it today.  It is possible but with the opposition in this journey it will be by divine intervention that we receive it.  If our TA does come today we are told we will travel September 9th.  If it doesn't come we will have to regroup.  There are some serious decision that will need to be made if we don't make it.  We are not wanting to go in October because that is when we can finalize Olivia. This sweet girl deserves to know she is important enough that we would make the decision to do whatever is necessary to make her a permanent part of our family as soon as possible.  To wait until November causes Hyrum and Bria to be alone for 2 more months and then puts us back home the beginning of December.  I am concerned about all our children and the change they will be facing and then missing out on family traditions at the Christmas season. Traditions that keep them grounded and tied together. I have had others tell me that it's just how it goes but I want all the children to have a positive experience as we transition into our new family. 

The biggest concern I have is for the welfare of Hyrum and Bria.  Over the last few days there has been a theme pop up with me.  The most clear message was while we were at Temple Square in Salt Lake with the children.  We went on one tour about God's Plan for Families.  In one part of the video presentation there were pictures of a family and words that define how we can be as a family and all the blessing that come from it.  The words came "Family is how God shows his love". All I could think about were my two children that have never known a family and that love and how much they deserve it.  My heart ached for their lonelinesss.  They need kisses, snuggles, hugs, tickles, laughter and tears of joy dropping on their little cheeks as their mother and father marvel in the miracle of their life.  I also thought of how blessed we all are to be a family and that Olivia made it to us.

Hopefully I will have a great update today. These percious children need to come home!! 

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