Saturday, August 6, 2011

GUZ Letter

One more step closer.  It was a painful step, but at least its done.  We determined that our senatror's office really didn't have any effect on the speed of approval of our GUZ letter from the visa center.  He didn't really accomplish anything to expedite the I800 approval getting sent to the visa center either. We were completely lied to by our officer at USCIS, then she sent the email to the visa center to the wrong email address.  When I called her for the tracking number for the 2nd day package sent to the visa center she said they never give those out.  Magically in about 2 minutes she had it. We ended up talking to her supervisor - she was apologetic and asked what she could do, but by that time the package had already arrived in the visa center and there was nothing more we needed from that office.  We just submitted a formal complaint to try to save the next family some delays and misinformation.  

The visa center was great and had our GUZ letter out in 24 hours.  They gave us the letter in the pdf file and we forwarded that to the agency.  It may have arrived in time to the courier in China to put it with the DS230 and submitted to the consulate Friday, but most likely it will go in on Tuesday.  The consulate only accepts the D230 packets Tuesday through Friday.  Our senator's staffer is still talking like he as some pull in this process, but based on what we've seen so far, we don't have much hope the he will speed up the Article 5 at the consulate.  I guess we'll see.

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