Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Graduated, 13 To Go

This week has brought a lot of changes to our family. When I say a lot, I mean a whole lot. There has to be at least 10 posts to cover it all. I'll start with the first and easiest. Sereen and Jared graduated from BYU!! It didn't really hit me what a great accomplishment graduating from college was and how rare it is because so many go on to higher education around us.

As we were sitting waiting for the graduates to walk in I was a little surprised that there weren't more people. We were in the Marriott Center so I had to give myself a small dose of perspective. I realized that this was a bigger deal to me than I thought.

I got a little choked up as Jared, Sereen and their cousin Natalie walked in and I realized that Sereen was my parents second grandchild to get a college degree. Somehow this graduation affected me deeply. In one of the talks the Dean of the college told us that each student at BYU effectively receives an $80,000 scholarship over a 4 year period but had to remind the students that most of them don't graduate in 4 years.:) This scholarship is given through the subsidies of donations and tithing. The level of education is very high and the tuition is very low. I became even more committed to pushing my children to qualify and attend BYU if it is right for them.

We got to sit with Jared's parents, who came from out of town, and Doug's sister and brother-in-law. It was a great experience. Doug took some pictures of the graduates in a couple of different locations. It was a sunny day unlike most days this Spring so the pictures turned out good. After the graduation we went to dinner with Sereen, Jared, His parents, and Tyler.

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