Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pierce the Debater

A month and a half ago Pierce came home and told me that the whole class had to participate in a debate competition. I thought that was interesting because I don't remember having any of the other children do this and they all went to the same school. They were taught the basics of debate and paired with another person in the class. They prepared their arguments and practiced at school against each other.

One morning Pierce tells me that he has to bring his church clothes to school. Of course I questioned him on it and found out that later that day he would compete at the high school. He wasn't very thrilled about it but was a good sport. After school he reported that they had come in 5th and just barley missed having to go to the regional tournament. He was so glad. Unfortunately they were notified in a few days that one of the other teams couldn't make it to the regional tournament so they were going.

One day last week (no, I don't remember which day because they tend to all blur into one)I hurried Pierce over to the tournament. I wasn't able to stay and watch but I came back 15 minutes before the awards ceremony. I was just going to pick him up and go because Pierce was sure he wouldn't get any award. He decided he wanted to wait and see if his friends won. They called up the winners and Pierce and his friend were the first to be called. We both took in a surprised breath and he went up to the podium. He placed in the top 3 and is now going to State.

Pierce is a quieter person. Not the type to put himself in front of people unless he is on stage. He is a peacemaker and does not argue. For this child to win a debate tournament is very surprising. The State competition will be a good experience for him. I'll let you know how he does.


  1. That is so cool!!! when and where is the state competition? We would love to go watch him if that's allowed.

  2. Wow! Tell him "congratulations!" Who would have thought? Pierce the Debater