Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun Picture Moments

I thought it would be fun to just post some pictures of the family. I just spent 2 hours learning how to move pictures from one computer to another then posting to the blog. I then had to figure out how to put a caption in between each picture. I am so proud of myself. If I don't know how to do something I am going to figure it out. If I have time that is. Enjoy!

Part of the family after seeing the production Savior of the World.
From left to Right:Casey, Ressa, Creed and Tyler
Emma, Malia, Marshall, Clayson and Niya

Daddy Daughter dance at a cousins wedding reception

Our Princess Niya wearing her favorite headband.

Handsome Marshall

Casey playing ball. That boy can jump!

Cute Clayson and yes he is a red head!

Emma and Ressa being silly taking pictures.

Malia holding her littlest cousin. Our girls love babies.

We had a Tangled party and these are our cakes. Can you figure out which one we made?

Malia and Casey on Malia's birthday. This is one of the favorite desserts for birthdays. Oreo dirt cake!

Beautiful Hannah. She just got her braces in January and her underbite is already gone.

Pierce, what do you say about someone as good looking as that?

Creed playing basketball with the boys at church.

Ressa on the night of Senior Prom. She is just gorgeous.


  1. Now that we are back in Utah, I can't wait to meet all the family.

    Your kiddos are just perfection!

  2. Thanks Alice. We would love to see you and your family!