Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Then and Now

The changes we have seen in just one year are incredible. Hyrum is now starting to act in a few ways like children his age. We got him and he was developmentally in the young two's. Still far behind in some ways but miraculous growth has taken place. In some ways he is 4 in others he is 3 but he left the two's behind. Bria is now a happy little girl with a bit of spice to her. She now writes her letters and knows the names and sounds to most of them. She has learned this by watching Leap Frog movies. Hyrum too is learning letters. They both are doing great.
Hyrum the week we got back from China.

Hyrum, in October with cousin Jessica.

Bria not wanting to let anyone love her just days after getting home. Malia was trying so hard

One year later on Bria's birthday.

She is feeling happy more and more often. This was pure joy. Thanks Jared.

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  1. Progress is beautiful, as are your two little ones.