Monday, July 16, 2012

Some New Insight

I have had some new insight in the last few days about children. Life can get tough with kids and I have put a large portion of the responsibility of raising my children on my own shoulders. In my mind it has all been up to me if they succeed or not. Sadly that train of thought has hindered my ability to have all the Joy in the journey. I have admired those that can just be happy no matter the circumstances and wanted that gift for myself. I am now finding ways to feel that joy more fully.

One new insight is that our Father in Heaven is really raising our children, we are just His hands. That new knowledge has relieved a burden. My children's success is not up to me. I can lead and guide but ultimately our Father is the true parent and our children have the ability to choose what they do in life.

I have also been told that our pain in our children's poor choices is evidence of our love for them. The more I think about that the more I see it is true. Now comes the moments that I wish I didn't love them so much. :))

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  1. Great observation- I agree! I think that realization really frees up parents from thinking that they have to have their kids in every activity, tutors, and give them every opportunity to make sure they succeed. When you look back at many of the really great people in history, they were not over indulged as kids, and often they were somewhat neglected by their parents, but they overcame their circumstances and went on to greatness. Besides, we need to acknowledge that God is in control of our children, not us :-)