Monday, April 30, 2012


I know there are a lot of things that have come and gone in our lives that I have not blogged about.  I even have a post done about Easter that just needs pictures.  Why I haven't felt like posting I am not entirely sure but have my suspitions.

This post however, is not about our lives but because of a beautiful, capable, valiant daughter.  Ressa is and always has been mature and thoughtful.  She came to earth with eons of wisdom. This naturally fun loving silly girl also has a serious mature side to her. She has gone off to college and is now facing life head on.  It can be a scary challenging time of life but she seems to come up with the courage and fortitude to stick to what is hard.

I was listening to Steven Curtis Chapman today and heard this song.  This song is no doubt, about my Ressa. 

This is for you my sweet, not so little, girl.

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