Sunday, April 8, 2012

George Needs Our Help!!


We need some help here.  There is a boy in China that has been waiting quite a while for a family.  He is spunky and full of life. He is all boy and loves to tease.  His special need is one that can be scarry but at his age it is clear that  his physical challenges do not inhibit his life.  Because of the diagnosis and more importantly because he is a boy there are no families looking at giving him a family.

If everyone could pass this info along, together we may be able to find him a great family.  It always amazes me how miraculously a child will find their family.  We may be the miracle this young boy needs. I am not asking anyone to adopt him just spread the word.  If someone wants more info have them contact me and I can point them in the right direction.

Now I will beg, please, please, please!!

                      George 3.12.3

P.S. Bria loves looking at pictures of Chinese children so when I pulled up the file with this boy and many others she was drawn to the computer.  When the above picture came up she pointed to him and said, "I need that one."  She said nothing more until the picture at the top came up and without knowing it was the same boy she said, "And that one." I think she is trying to pick another brother.

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