Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Some Rewards Come a Little at a Time

Mother's Day isn't always the happy rewarding day we would hope it could be. Some Mother's Day's are wonderful and filled with happiness and counting blessings. This year turned out to be a rewarding Mother's Day. I want to share a few of the things the kids wrote to me.

"Thank you for helping me be a wonderful young women."

This touched my heart. I want all my kids to think of themselves as wonderful and not be embarrassed about it. This daughter has struggled in her life with recognition. When she was younger we couldn't even say her name or praise her without many tears. She didn't like herself and felt worthless. A Mother's Day Reward.

Your patience and understanding tell me
 "that's the mom I want to be".

Incredible. This child experienced abuse and deep criticism for many years. She could do nothing right and she was told that the problems in the family were her fault. She had no confidence and a fear of babies. She now interacts with babies and is great with children. She knows what kind of mother she wants to be. Healing is happening and this daughter is blossoming before our eyes.

"I love you so much. You are the best mom ever! You are the best mom because you adopted lots of kids!!!"

By the time I got to this card I was holding back the tears. Great validation came from this. My 16 year old son that spent 14 years in the orphanage without a mother, loves me partly because I have adopted so many kids. This is a young man that knows the longing and need for a mother. He knows how badly these children need homes because he was one of them. He could have easily seen from the opposite perspective and been jealous of all the other kids in the family but he is grateful for the blessing. 

We can learn many things from these children that have experienced hard things in their shot lives. We learn gratitude, love, the rewards of patience and how blessed we are to be a part of the miracles that take place in the children's souls.

I received many cards on Sunday. Each one expressing their love for me their mother. Each card was hand made with the personality of the individual giver. And each carried love with it. It is a great honor to be a mother. To be given charge over our Father in Heavens children for their time on this earth. We walk hand in hand with God and if we listen to the whispering of the spirit, pray and have faith we can be the conduit for love and healing of all our children.

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  1. This was a lovely post and I enjoyed what your children wrote to you. I can tell which child it is so that is a sweet also. You are such an awesome Mom and I love you dear girl. You have been a deep blessing in my life in so many way. I am happy you received such lovely messages from your children.
    Sending loving thoughts your way and I can tell that you Mother's Day was fantastic. Hugs~