Friday, September 28, 2012

It Looks Like I'm back :)

Last night Tyler was showing me a blog he set up and I realized that he was in a place in Blogger that my computer wouldn't let me go. Even last week I couldn't get in. I had gotten to the point that I was going to take my computer to the Geek Squad to see what was wrong. I had pretty much resigned myself to not blogging anymore. I have no idea what happened but I am back.

So much has happened in the last couple of months so I will have to catch up over time. Here are the basics.
Our oldest son got married in the Timpanogos Temple in August to an awesome girl named Jessica.

In the middle of taking pictures we looked down and Hyrum was carrying the train of Jessicas dress. Hyrum had never been to a wedding before and so had not seen this tradition. It was so cute!

All the Walker children so far. What a handsome group this is. 

They really are as cute, awesome and in love as they look.

Here is the link for the wedding pictures. If you need a great photographer here he is. I have never seen better and he will travel the world over. I highly recommend him. He's a great guy too.

We had the reception in our back yard so we did a lot of work to get things ready. We go rid of our two biggest problem areas and things look much better. Now we need another summer to sit and enjoy them. :) Maybe next year. I will post pictures of the projects we did later.

We went to Kentucky for a reception there and stayed for a couple of days. What a beautiful place that is. Some day I want to live where there are trees and green everywhere. If you get to Louisville you need to go down to the river downtown. It was awesome. So many families celebrating and being together. The best part was most of them were black. I long to have more interaction with others of diverse cultures and backgrounds. We'll have to do something about that.

We went to a family reunion in July and caught up with my family in California. It was a fun time and good to see everyone again. The family is getting so big that we had the opportunity to get to know new members of the family. Children and married couples.

We also had the opportunity to help another family through some difficult times. It took a lot of time and caused many tears but through the help of our Savior we were able to have faith and trust in His plan and gain peace. These types of things don't go away quick but they will heal. I leaned a lot about myself and realized that I truly am willing to do whatever the Lord would ask of me (right now) no matter the cost. Hopefully as life brings more challenges I can continue on in the service of my fellow man and not shrink.

Well, that is a quick synopsis. Life has been very busy and I keep waiting for it to slow down. Every week I think this week will be the one to really get in and get some much needed cleaning or organizing done. Hasn't happened yet but I keep hoping. Many birthdays, school, temple sealings,  company, more birthdays, piano, service opportunities, adoption, cars breaking down, more birthdays, doctors, surgeries, dentist, ophthalmologist  orthodontist and more birthdays, and now we are coming up on Christmas. OK, so I really won't get any deep cleaning done or organizing but that really isn't what matters anyway.

 Friends we have know for years and those we still have yet to meet are always welcome!!  Just don't look at the carpet or the base of the toilets and we'll all be OK.


  1. It was so great to see you guys in May even if it was for such a sad occasion. You guys are so awesome to take a day for that trip.

    I have been feeling totally overextended ever since school got back in. Every time I want to give up I think of you and that I have no right to complain. i don't know how in the world you do it. Seriously.

  2. Why is it that school is harder than having the kids home all day? Maybe the 2 hours of homework a night, scouts, achievement days, dinner, mutual and other activities we have to squeeze in in the evening.

    We were so glad to be informed of the funeral. I truly would not have missed it. Very sad yet a spiritual high light. I love my cousins and wish we could see each other more often. Maybe we could both fit it in to our crazy lives. Let's plan something very soon.