Friday, February 4, 2011

A Litte Bit About Us

When you have the amount of people in a family that we do it's hard to know where to start. I have decided to start with the basics and go from there. Hopefully in the near future I can make a post about each individual child. They all have some truly amazing gifts to offer our family and the world. I am a proud mother! People always say that if they had kids like mine they would have had more too. Not to fool anyone though, they are human, OK, maybe not Ressa or Tyler, or Sereen, or Creed, or Britt or Pierce or Hannah or Casey or even Niya, Marshall, Emma, Clayson and definately not Malia. Oh, sorry that would mean they are all perfect!;)

Our family is unique to say the least. We have 13 children. To answer the next question, 9 biolocigal and 4 adopted. Yes, they are all ours we do not run a daycare. Tyler is our oldest son. He is in college and dances on their International Folk Dance Team. We are excited for him because he will be going to Eastern Europe for a three week tour this summer. Sereen just go married this summer to a fantastic guy. She is pretty awesome and married her equal. They both will graduate in the Spring and are anxious to get on to the next stage of life. They will do so well together! Britton is serving an LDS mission in Brazil. He will be gone for 2 years. He left in Aug and I am really starting to miss him. Ressa is waiting to find out if she made it into the college of her choice. She is pretty nervous but has nothing to worry about. She is pretty close to perfect (so are the other kids, she is just my right hand right now). She will be leaving the nest in the fall.:( Creed has a few more years left at home and will do a great job of being the oldest. As number 5 he has not had to take on a lot of responsibility. I am so glad that he will have the opportunity to shine. I have full confidence in him and will treasure the relationship as is grows and changes. The kids love him! Pierce, what to say about such an exceptional person. I'm not even exagerating. He is a peacemaker and is always the first to jump when something is needed. Children love Pierce because of his gentle spirit. Hannah is one of our greatest blessings. It is through her that our hearts were softened and confidence started to grow that we were capable of more. She is a little mother with all the leadership skills that a mother of many would need. Casey is a child that we waited 12 years for. He is African American and a happy go lucky kind of guy. His smile is infectious and is friends with everyone. There is not a person he doesn't count as a friend. Niya is African American as well. She is a natural gymnist. By the time she was two she had taught herself how to do a cartwheel. Shes gone on from there and can do things that I can't even dream about. She has been very shy but is starting to blossom. Marshall is also adopted. This child has a brain that does not stop. Some day he will make a mark that can not be erased, (I didn't mean the permanent marker that is still on the carpet and faintly on the door from 4 years ago.) Emma is also adopted and has Down Syndrome. She is a loving girl that would love to stay little all her life if her mean mother would let her. No such luck this mom believes we all have potential and a responsibility to reach the best we can be no matter what that level is. We love Emma. Clayson is our bio red head. He is everything a red head is touted to be. With that fire comes great happiness and a tender good heart. Malia is our youngest right now. She will be starting school in the fall. I had a freind tell me that she feels peace when Malia is around. That is very true. She is a happy fun pure little girl.

We have been searching for over 6 years for our little ones. We have known that there were at least2 Asian children missing from our family. It has been a difficult, expensive and time consuming process. We count our blessings for the road we have been on. I don't questions much any more why that road. I like the highway of life better some times but then we would miss all the road bump, pot holes and beautiful scenery. We have now found our 2 chidlren!!! They are in China and we are very anxious to get our babies home to give them the love, nurture and security that they need. We have not chosen names yet so I will call them our boy and our girl for now. Our boy turned 3 in November and is being supported to some degree by a group called Love Without Boundries. He is a precious little one that shines his light through his smile. Our Girl is now two and her birthday is in September. My heart breaks for her because she looks so sad and alone. I will check to see at what point I can post pictures of these two little ones.

We have been so blessed in our lives. We have a wonderful family and the means to care for them. We never anticipated that when we bought our 15 passanger van with baby number 7 that we would fill it to overflowing. We now have an awesome bus that is great for traveling. We have space at our home to spread out and play as well as learn to garden. The operative word there is learn (I am a miserable failure to this point). I haven't quit trying though. We have plenty and to spare in this life and give all the credit to our loving Father in Heaven. We would not be the people we are without his trust and help. He has made much more of our lives than we could ever have.

As I write, I am excited to let everyone see into our lives. I love people and friends and have found so many wonderful people in this world that I want to connect with. Maybe through this I can make some eternal friends. That is my hope. I guess now is the time to get over my fear of posting on Yahoo Groups and commenting on the blogs I love but they have no idea I am even there. It's time to quite being invisible and live life more openly, without fear.


P.S. I would love some tips on what is safe to put out there and what is not. I have already decided that making fake names won't work for me because I will forget who is who.

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  1. Okay, Deanne, now it is time for photos of all of your precious children. And, if you have PA, you can post photos of your son and daughter in China!