Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Started

I think getting started with anything is always the hardest part of everything we do. Walking into the laundry room, putting on shoes to go exercise or sitting at the computer to write a blog. Well now that I'm here I guess the hardest part is over right? Don't worry, I'm not fooling myself.

Over the last few years I have had numerous concerns about doing a blog. Opening myself and my family up to the world and the worlds judgments have been my biggest concern. And, once I start can I really keep it up? Doug, my awesome husband, tried to get me to do this for a long time but I resisted, now that I am embarking on this journey he commented "do you have time for that?". The true answer is, I don't think so but I have also found that we always have time for the things that are important to us. Time will tell how important blogging becomes for me. The hopes I have in actually putting our family life down for the world to see are two fold. One, to keep a record of who we are and what we are about. Two, to possibly influence others for good. Depending on how effective we are at helping others through this will dictate the longevity of our blog. Writing and journaling have never been my strength so I don't anticipate spending time blogging for the purpose of keeping a record will motivate me.

The next dilemma is, how much do I reveal? We are the average ordinary family, outside of size and makeup, with many quirks. I have some hick in me that can cause some real embarrassment for myself and my family and unfortunately some of those things have been passed on to my children. We have not been bred to be prim and proper but we do have a lot of fun and laughter in our home. Our family is far from perfect and at times I have thoughts and feelings that I am embarrassed to admit. I have gotten to a point in life that I do realize that showing our true selves serves us as well as others. I try to be totally honest and secure with my humanness. We have had enough challenges in our lives for me to know that when we admit our weakness others will feel more secure in opening up and finding a place of safety with us. If I accomplish nothing else but to make one other person in this world feel like they are ok and loved then it will make all this worth it.

I think in the next post I will introduce our family as a whole. Just remember that I am not a writer and there were two subjects in school that I hated equally as much, Math and English. Don't ask me what a verb, noun, or anything else is. The only part of speech I know is the adjective. I feel a bit like Moses when he told God he was slow of speech and needed a spokesperson. Maybe I can get my son Jared, who is married to my second child Sereen, to be my spokesperson. What do you think Jared?


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  1. Love it, mom! What would you need me to be your spokesperson for? We're all waiting to see what you'll say next!