The Power of Love

We have been playing music for Casey in hopes of facilitating greater healing of his brain. We have read studies and heard stories of people that played classical music, specifically Beethoven's Symphony Number 9. Today I turned on the station and beautiful rendition played. It brought a greater peace and calm to the room. I pondered on my desire to one that can help heal through light and peace. A song came on that changed the vibration in my soul to a greater level.  (I don't know how to describe the feeling but listen and feel what is going on inside of you as you play different kinds of music. It may take a few times but you will feel it.) I looked down to see what the song was. The title of the album was The Power of Love. A flood of thoughts came to my mind. The power of Christ's love heals all things. EVERYTHING! I looked at Casey and told him that it is through Jesus Christ and his atonement, which is pure love, he will be healed. I was filled with that love and a stronger desire to be the love of Jesus Christ.

We can be the love of Jesus Christ here on the earth. It is our love for others and the way we serve that Jesus can show his love for us. We can wrap others in His love as we love more purely. When we love and serve with the pure love of Christ we receive love from God. Love has and is the power of change, all change. Change for ourselves and change for those we love. We can be the conduit of love of Jesus Christ the source of all love. 

I have been reading a book titled The Rabbit Affect. It is about how connection and love can change how our DNA act. There are many studies about the affect of love on health and quality of life. I have believed this to be true but reading the studies has given me something sold to hold onto. I know that our love for Casey will  help him heal more quickly. Our ability to keep the negative out and the gratitude forefront will be vital in this journey with him.  It has been interesting to see how the Lord is leading me to knowledge that will help guide me on this journey of healing for Casey and for that knowledge to carry on to do more good. 

Moments like the one that I received a witness to the power of love are the moments that bring sweet peace. It is these times that God shows me that he is here and will not leave me. Father in Heaven is our perfect father and everything he asks us to go through will make us better and better until we reach that perfection that He knows will bring us a fulness of joy. 

I am grateful for a loving father in heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. They allow me to grow and hold my hand all the way through it. They desire my success more than anything and they will not leave me to fall. I only fall when I let go of their hand. I am filled with gratitude for their love and tender mercies. 


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