The Power of Love

We have been playing music for Casey in hopes of facilitating greater healing of his brain. We have read studies and heard stories of people that played classical music, specifically Beethoven's Symphony Number 9. Today I turned on the station and beautiful rendition played. It brought a greater peace and calm to the room. I pondered on my desire to one that can help heal through light and peace. A song came on that changed the vibration in my soul to a greater level.  (I don't know how to describe the feeling but listen and feel what is going on inside of you as you play different kinds of music. It may take a few times but you will feel it.) I looked down to see what the song was. The title of the album was The Power of Love. A flood of thoughts came to my mind. The power of Christ's love heals all things. EVERYTHING! I looked at Casey and told him that it is through Jesus Christ and his atonement, which is pure love, he will be healed. I was filled with that love and a s

A New Normal

 "A New Normal" seems to be the catch phrase in society right now. For us it is an absolute. Life has changed whether we like it or not. It will take some shifting goals, desires, plans and daily routine. We are all still here in Utah for the rest of the week. I will be driving the kids back to Missouri on Sunday. Clayson flies home today to get back to work and Hannah will remain in Utah. Doug will take the first week of us being apart to be with Casey and I will fly back to Utah June 8 for 10 days. Sam is happy to get back home and open the pool. He has really struggled with all of this as well as all the children. Mom is not there for Sam and he is acting out because of it. I plan to spend all of my time with kids. We will do projects together, shop and just be together. Not much else will get accomplished but connecting with the family. It will be hard to keep all other distractions out of my life but I need to help support and heal the other kids. I have not been availab

Life is Hard

 Two weeks ago we got a call at 2:30 in the morning. It was a police officer in Utah notifying us that Casey had been in a very serious motorcycle accident. We got on the first plane to Utah and met him at the hospital about 12:00 pm. We had gotten a call from a doctor asking us what measures we wanted to take to sustain life. We chose to keep him going until we got there and could evaluate the situation. That was the beginning of a very long hard journey. This morning I was feeling the need to have my voice and inner feelings heard. I won't use this as a place for Casey updates alone but more a place to sort through and acknowledge my personal journey. Maybe a personal therapy.  Casey is a miracle thus far. He was not supposed to survive. It was about 8 days after the accident we were informed that we were no longer worried about his dying but how he would now live. Traumatic Brain Injuries are very different from person to person and Casey is in the very serious category. Because

Tonga to Hawaii

Like just about everyone in the world, we had our lives interrupted due to COVID-19.  We were really getting into a good groove with our life in Tonga. We acclimated to the heat and humidity, we made some good friends, we were making progress on our living situation, had some fun on awesome beaches and we even learned how to shred fresh coconut!  This photo is the prettiest place in Tonga! We didn't provide any updates on our blog while in Tonga because, first of all, we were trying to slow life down and simplify things, but a very slow internet connection with limited data helped us stick to that plan. Now we are posting this update from the island of Oahu, Hawaii. This is Olivia on the deck of our rental house with the landlord's gift basket of the two main food groups in Hawaii...chocolate covered macadamia nuts and pineapple! We are currently under a 14 day quarantine for any travelers arriving to the we have plenty of time to catch up o

Olivia is a Citizen of the United States!

This beautiful girl is one of the newest citizens of the United States! Her citizenship approval is actually part of our journey to take our family to Tonga in about 10 days.  Early last year, Deanne felt very impressed to get passports for all our children.  There were no immediate plans to travel out of the country. Why spend over $1,000 on passports with no specific travel plans?? Because she just had a feeling that it needed to be done.  I learned long ago that we go with Deanne's feelings.     Most of the other children's passport applications came back without a hitch.  Olivia's was delayed.  At the same time we applied for a Certificate of Citizenship to the USCIS. Getting a passport or the Certificate of Citizenship would declare her a citizen. Last February we applied for both hoping the documents we had were enough. Then came a phone call from the Department of State, who issues passports, from the agent requesting more documentation to connect

Preview of Tonga

A few weeks ago, Deanne and I went to preview the land of Tonga before we bring the kids back later this month. What an incredible place with incredible people!  We met some very generous friends on the beach who shared their fresh seafood dinner with us. Sea urchin just doesn't get any fresher than this!!  Not that we have had sea urchin before to compare...  Fabulous blow holes... Fresh coconut juice... Freshly picked papaya for breakfast.... Sunsets on the beach that is a 5 minute walk from the property we are leasing...  Then we came home to this.  Like we needed any more convincing to go back!  

We're Back!!

We are back from a 4 year hiatus from this blog.  We have felt very strongly that we need to get this updated and keep it going.  You can catch up on some of our happenings on our Facebook page at . We updated our family picture, which is outdated again.  We have added 2 wonderful daughters through marriage.  2 more grandchildren and there are 2 more in the oven.  By September we will have 12 grandchildren. We are still in Missouri. We have 21 children now. We just adopted our most recent little boy this year.  He turned 3 in December and it has been a huge adjustment for us. You've heard the term "baby-proofing your house", but 3-year-old-proofing your house is a much bigger task! Our son, Pierce, recently returned from a mission for our church in October.  He spent 2 years in Thailand teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and loved every minute of it.  He is actually now engaged to a beautiful girl he referred to as "